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Find a CIMA accountant

Are you looking to find a qualified accountant who can offer business advice and accounting services? Then look no further than a CIMA chartered management accountant.

CIMA requires that all members who work in practice must abide by a prescribed set of standards and regulations. These standards have been put in place to protect the public interest and ensure that the highest possible standards of services are delivered. Find out more about how CIMA monitors its members in practice.

Search the database

Use CIMA's database below to help you find a practising accountant in your area.

*If you are looking to verify if a CIMA Member is qualified, please contact our Global Engagement Centre*

Find a CIMA accountant

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Only CIMA-registered Members in Practice will appear in this database

  • If you are a CIMA Member in Practice (MiP) who has received a practising certificate, and your details are not listed below or if you would like to opt out of the database, please contact

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