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Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of our most popular FAQs

What is CIMA?

CIMA is the world's largest professional body of management accountants. CIMA offers the most relevant finance qualification for business. 

What is Management Accounting?

Management accounting combines accounting, finance, strategy and management with the leading edge techniques needed to drive successful businesses. Chartered management accountants:

  • advise managers about the financial implications of projects
  • explain the financial consequences of business decisions
  • formulate business strategy
  • monitor spending and financial control
  • conduct internal business audits
  • explain the impact of the competitive landscape.

What is the advantage of studying with CIMA?

CIMA is the most relevant accounting qualification for business. Most accounting qualifications train people for private practice, working on external audit and tax issues.

CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions.

What is CGMA and how do I get more information about it?

CGMA is a joint venture between CIMA and AICPA to promote management accounting around the world. The Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) is a global management accounting designation that recognises the unique role played by men and women at organisations around the world who are guiding critical business decisions and driving strong business performance. More information can be found at:

My CIMA membership has lapsed – how to I rejoin?

If your membership lapsed, then to rejoin CIMA you would need to pay the following fees:

  • Re-admission fee
  • Current year's subscription
  • Any fees you owed in the year your membership ended

CIMA Canada

Question: How do I become a member of CIMA Canada?

Answer: CIMA Canada is a branch of CIMA. All members of CIMA living in Canada can sign-up for CIMA Canada events including CPD events, the AGM, the summer Cricket tournament.

Please make sure you update your profile on “My CIMA” so that you will receive updates for events in Canada.   

Question: Where is the CIMA Canada Office?

Answer: CIMA Canada does not have a staffed office in Canada.

For more general CIMA enquiries please contact the global head office in England:

You can also join us on LinkedIn via the CIMA Canada group.   

Question: Are there any active groups outside Toronto?

Answer: CIMA Canada has active groups in Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

Legal status of CIMA in Canada

Question: Are there any limitations on using my CIMA designation in Canada (ACMA or FCMA)?

Answer: There are legal restrictions on using the letters ACMA or FCMA after your name in Ontario. Please refer to the legal advice.

Tuition and exams

Question: Are there any tuition providers for the CIMA syllabus in Canada? 

Answer: Tuition support can be obtained on-line from

There are exam centres across Canada but there are no organisations that conduct CIMA courses in Canada.   

Question: Where can I sit my CIMA exams in Canada? 

Answer: There is a permanent exam centre in Toronto and special exam centres across Canada (eg Calgary, Ottawa,Vancouver).

Please note that some of the special centres charge higher fees than the regular centres: please check the fees ahead of time to avoid surprises.

Unfortunately we cannot negotiate special rates or discounts for students using these centres.    

Question: I believe I should be exempt from certain exams: how can I check this? 

Answer: You may be entitled to some exemptions if you have already started your studies with another accounting body or have studied accounting and finance at university.

Exemptions are handled by the CIMA Contact team at our Corporate Offices in the UK.

You may contact them at

Question: How much are the examination fees this year? 

Answer: The CIMA website has a section for students that will include up-to-date information on exam fees.

Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with Canadian Accounting bodies

Question: Does my CIMA qualification help me when applying for membership of CMA Canada? 

Answer: CIMA has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with CMA Canada.

This MRA is administered province by province and you will have to apply to the province where you live to see what their specific rules of entry are. As a general rule, members must have a university degree or the equivalent of a university degree.

If the member does not have a university degree they must have five years of experience in a senior management accounting position. Without getting into details, typically it would include positions of director, vice president etc. Individuals who have experience as managers or below may not typically qualify under this category.

Applicants must have at least two years of practical experience at a managerial level.

Applicant must be a member in good standing with CIMA without any outstanding disciplinary complaints, charges or investigations.

Applicants must have completed the full CIMA programme. If they gained CIMA membership through other means (such as an MRA), it is the discretion of CMA Canada as to whether they will be accepted.

The one provincial exception is that members applying to CMA Quebec will be subject to a French language requirement.
To apply for CMA membership, CIMA members will need to contact the CMA provincial office in the province where they live and work.  

Question: I am a member of CMA Canada: can I apply to join CIMA? 

Answer: CIMA has a Mutual Recognition Agreement with CMA Canada.

As a general rule a member of CMA can join CIMA by providing the following details along with the application form:

  • letter of good standing, available from your local CMA office 
  • date joined CMA Canada
  • date advanced to current status
  • date up to which current membership is paid
  • confirmation that you are not a member of CMA Canada by virtue of another MRA
  • confirmation you are not currently under any disciplinary sanctions or investigations and have not been subject to any disciplinary sanctions in the past five years.

Changes of address, employer, or other personal details

Question: Can you change my personal details in the CIMA database? 

Answer: CIMA Canada cannot change your personal details such as employer, address, bank details. You can, however, change these items on-line through MY CIMA.

Annual Subscription fees

Question: What are the annual fees for CIMA members? 

Answer: Annual fees vary depending on your level (Student, Associate, Fellow) and also your activities (Member in Practice, retiree).

The fees are subject to annual changes.

Shariah compliant Islamic Finance

Question: Can you tell me how I can study Shariah compliant finance? 

Answer: CIMA is an innovator in the study of Islamic or Shariah compliant finance.

Students can study for a Diploma in Islamic Finance.

No prior knowledge or experience is required and the curriculum covers Islamic Commercial Law, Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, and Accounting.