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Senior Executive Programme

Enhances your leadership, strategic and decision making skills

Senior Executive Programme is a tailor-made 3-months program catered for the crème de la crème in a company.

It is most suitable for experienced managers and team leaders or other equivalent mid-level roles with at least 5 years of work experience.

The Programme enhances leadership, strategic and decision making skills. It equips candidates with the skillset of both business and finance acumen.

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How does this work?


  • Sit only 1 exam – Management Case Study or 2 exams - Management and Strategic Case Study if they wish to end the program with CGMA designation and CIMA membership
  • Must have at least 5 years of working experience
  • Must sit for SCS/MCS within 12 months after registration

The finance team is not only a supplier of financial information anymore. Nowadays, it also adds value to the company as a decision-maker and strategy creator. CIMA taught me how to think as a leader, to make the best decisions even with incomplete information, especially on the external environment, and head the team with optimism even through a bumpy road.

During the time of COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to react quickly to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances is crucial. CIMA Case Studies indicate a solution – now I always think about all possible risks, not only those obvious. Meanwhile, the CGMA Top Manager Program taught me to always have the courage to face the situation and react.

It's never too late to enhance your skills, especially when the employer is participating in the course fees, as it happened in my case. Tailor-made programs like the CGMA Top Manager, with only two exams to pass, are a great choice when you want to prove your skills and put your professional experience in order. This program allowed me to gain a globally recognized professional qualification within one year. I'm sure it will open new doors for me.

Pawel Szklaruk Financial Reporting Manager, Provident Polska S.A.
Initial short homework followed by a 1-to-1 discussion with tutor – identification of knowledge gaps to be filled by online self-study.
  • A reminder package covering CIMA E2, P2, F2 subjects (online learning, self-study)
  • A set of online tests to assess participants’ knowledge (before the course)
  • A reminder class to on key concepts from the Management level (3 days, live online)
  • 3 days of comprehensive Case Study workshop: combining Management level subjects and CIMA ”pre-seen material” – Case Study exam preparation
  • 3 dedicated Management Case Study mock exams evaluated by tutors, returned with comments
  • Pass assurance – online training for the next exam in case of failure and retake.

First Intuition Polska

First Intuition is a United Kingdom based provider of finance and accountancy training. It was founded in 2007 and operates a network of partner-managed regional training centers in the UK and abroad. In addition to classroom training, it provides globally available distance learning solutions (e-learning, webinars) and accredited training materials. In Poland present since early 2017, it delivers exam-focused workshops for Professional Qualifications and tailored F&A training.

Tutor: Mr. Tomasz Kaciun ACMA, CGMA

The trainer who will deliver the workshop is Tomasz Kaciun ACMA, CGMA. He has 8 years of experience in delivering finance and accounting trainings, with primary focus on management accounting, business analysis as well as professional qualifications CIMA, ACCA. Tomasz gained 15+years of experience in F&A having previously worked for KPMG, Procter & Gamble, ABF, ACP Pharma. Last 8 years he has operated within professional training industry, acting as a managing partner at First Intuition (Polska), working as a managing director for BPP Professional Education, designing “finance academy” programs and training several major corporations in Poland and abroad.

This program is available for:

  • Management Case Study– EUR 4.500 net (excluding VAT) *
  • Strategic Case Study – EUR 8.100 net (excluding VAT) *

Group of 3-5 – 10% off each participant
Group of 5 and more – 15% off each participant

which includes:

  • Registration fee as a CIMA student
  • Exemptions fees for 11 CIMA exams
  • Management / Strategic Case Study exam fee
  • Comprehensive online and face-to-face preparatory course
  • Fee for CIMA Management / Strategic Case Study exam

*fees are subject to change

4th edition MCS exam

  • Application deadline: 25 August 2023
  • Access to e-laerning from 1 August 2023


  • 7-9 September 2023
  • 5-7 October 2023
  • Exam dates: 8-10 Novmber 2023
  • Exam results: 4 January 2023


Szósta edycja MCS exam

  • Cena early bird: do 20 sierpnia 2020 r.
  • Termin składania wniosków: 3 września 2020 r.
  • Termin weryfikacji CIMA: 3 września 2020 r.

Dostęp do e-learningu już od 1 sierpnia 2020 r.

  • Warsztat 1: 17-19 września 2020 r.
  • Warsztat 2: 16–18 października 2020 r.
  • Daty egzaminów: 18-20 listopada 2020 r.
  • Wyniki egzaminów: 14 stycznia 2021 r.


Your journey to success

  1. Submit your detailed CV
  2. CIMA admits you into the program
  3. Attend online preparatory course
  4. Take the Management / Strategic Case Study exam
  5. Apply for CIMA membership
  6. Award: CIMA Adv Dip MA title / CGMA designation and CIMA membership

How to apply?

To apply for this program or find out your eligibility please send a copy of your detailed CV to: