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Local News

2018 MESANA Regional Board Members Announcement

We are pleased to inform you that Steve Swientozielskyj FCMA, CGMA is the new President of CIMA, effective from 1 June 2018. His Deputy is Amal Ratnayake FCMA CGMA while Nick Jackson  FCMA CGMA is the new Vice President.  Melanie J Kanaka FCMA CGMA will serve as a member in the Association Board.  Imran Khalil Naseer FCMA, CGMA, Melanie J Kanaka FCMA, CGMA, Phillie Karkaria FCMA, CGMA and Ravinda Edirisinghe FCMA, CGMA will serve as members in the CIMA Council.

The MESANA Regional Board has also been constituted, under the governance of the Association, with members serving the Board with effect from 1 June 2018. 

As stipulated under the Terms of Reference for Regional Boards, the constitution of the Board shall be 11 individuals, of which three members shall be elected. The elections for these three members have been concluded. The remaining individuals shall be five nominated members and two students. The nominations were made by the Nominations MA Sub-Committee and approved by CIMA Council. The Regional Vice President is appointed as the RVP to the Regional Board and as committee secretary. 

Mr Chandrin Fernando FCMA, CGMA serves as the Chairman of the MESANA Regional Board, with Mr  Vinesh Singh FCMA, CGMA as the Vice Chairman. 

The Regional Board will continue to provide perspective on the development of the Association’s strategic plan, the local marketplace and understanding emerging issues in the region - all towards enhancing the management accounting profession and ensuring our continued relevance to the needs of employers and the industry. 

We wish our governance members all the very best during their tenure. 

2016 MESANA Regional Board

The MESANA Regional Board meeting was held on 24 February 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Where Ms Zeinab Yehia Halim, FCMA CGMA from Egypt was inducted as the Chairperson and Mr Sriram Kameshwar, ACMA CGMA from India was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the MESANA Regional Board for 2016.
Other members of the Board for 2016 include:
  • Mr Amir Al Janahi FCMA, CGMA from UAE - Immediate Past Chairman
  • Mr Girish Bhat ACMA, CGMA from India
  • Imran Khalil Naseer FCMA, CGMA from Pakistan
  • Ammar Aqeel Al Hassan FCMA, CGMA from Bahrain
  • Tariq Iyyaz Billah FCMA, CGMA from Pakistan
  • M Kabiruzzaman Yaqub, FCMA, CGMA from Bangladesh
  • Phillie Karkaria, FCMA, CGMA from India
  • Mostafa Timajchi, ACMA, CGMA from Iran
  • Irene Teng, Regional Director – Asia Pacific  

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