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Ahmed Murad


Name: Syed Ahmed Murad 
Occupation: Reservations and Ticketing Agent
Organisation: Emirates Airlines
CIMA Entry Route: Certificate in Business and Accounting
CIMA Level/Award achieved so far: Certificate in Business and Accounting.

1: How does it feel to pass your CIMA exam?

It gives me a sense of pride on successfully passing my exams as it requires dedication and hard work for this achievement.  

2: What was your chosen study method? Why did this work best for you?
I focused on  practicing practical questions as it gave me in depth indication about  the actual exam format and helped me gain confidence for the actual exam. 

3: What did you find the biggest challenge and how did you overcome this?
Time management was the biggest challenge i faced as i also work full time  in a shift based job with odd timings. Every day i was required to work a different time of shift so it was really difficult to be able to give my studies the right amount of time. 

4: How did you balance studying with work and your personal life?
Its important to have a well balanced routine whereby you are able to enjoy your personal time and have the discipline to study the right amount of time. Exam preparation should be sufficient enough to make you feel confident about your exams.

5: If you could give one key piece of advice to another student scheduling their exam tomorrow, what would it be?
Being thorough with the subject is important but what is key is to practice as many questions from the past exams as possible because they  give you an indication of how you would perform in the actual exam.