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Anju Mary Thomas

Full Name: Anju Mary Thomas
Occupation:  Accountant
CIMA Entry Route:  Management Gateway Route
CIMA award achieved so far: CIMA Adv Dip MA 

1: How does it feel to pass your CIMA exam/s?
Elated. Feels good to know that hard work pays off. 

2: What was your chosen study method? Why did this work best for you?
Online study and revision classes worked for me due to the flexibility it allows, I can set a study schedule suitable to my own pace and preference. 

3: What did you find the biggest challenge and how did you overcome this? 
Ensuring I cover all the syllabus content, which is extremely vast is challenging. To overcome this, I set up a schedule and followed the schedule.  

4: How did you balance studying with work and your personal life?
I feel balancing study-work-family is a situation that is unique to every individual. I am currently taking a break from work to focus on my studies as well as looking after a young toddler. For me, personally, I think I wouldn't do justice to either work, family or studies if I had to juggle all at the same time. 

5: If you could give one key piece of advice to another student scheduling their exam tomorrow, what would it be?
Preparation to give an exam is a commitment. It is very important to start with a schedule and stick to the schedule, ensuring you cover all course material. Also, give yourself enough time to revise, I’d say a minimum of three weeks.