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Rajesh Kumar Iyer


Full Name: Rajesh Kumar Iyer ACMA, CGMA 
Occupation: Assistant Manager – Accounts
Company: Al Dobowi LLC (Eternity Technologies FZ LLC)
CIMA Entry Route: Professional Gateway
Status: Member ACMA, CGMA 

1. How CIMA has added value to you and your career?
CIMA helped me become an inspiration to my colleagues and earned me greater professional trust from my superiors.

2. How did completing your CIMA professional qualification make you feel?
Being a member of a global professional body – Just Wow! 

3. What skills/competencies have you gained or developed through studying with CIMA?
CIMA has a balanced structured curriculum which encompasses the right amount of theory and practical requirements. I, personally have acquired an in depth understanding of strategic management, which involves not just numbers, but also the professional judgement part where one needs to assess the impact of a particular strategic course of action on various aspects of the business. I could apply these skills at my work, thus producing results with better quality using latest tools in the management accounting world.

4. Why did you choose CIMA as your financial qualification instead of any other and how did you hear about it?
I came to know of CIMA way back when I was doing my graduation. The features that make CIMA curriculum and membership stand out from other professional courses is that, the structure of curriculum which brings out the talents of the candidates in a phased manner and does not solely focus on theoretical knowledge. The ease of appearing in exams throughout the year is a great motivating aspect of CIMA examinations for students seeking professional qualification within the time frame as capable and desired by the students rather than waiting for annual / half yearly examinations. While the examinations are fairly conducted with appropriate content, CIMA ensures that a membership is given only to those candidates who possess the relevant work experience in terms of quality and length. This ensures that high professional standards of CIMA are maintained and appreciated in the industry across the globe.

5. What advice would you give to aspiring students who are keen on building a career as management accountants?
Mere accounting can be done by computers these days. As a CIMA professional, you should be able to understand the business strategy, provide your advice on various areas of the business so that you shall be looked upon by business leaders globally with high regard.