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CGMA Top Manager Program

Enhances your leadership, strategic and decision making skills

Top Manager Program is tailor-made for managers in finance functions. Combining the best of business and finance acumen, you’ll learn how to enhance your leadership, strategic and decision-making skills.

It is most suitable for experienced managers and team leaders (or other equivalent mid-level roles) with at least 6 years of work experience. As a program participant, you’ll be on a fast-track-route to obtaining the CGMA designation and CIMA membership.

How does this work?

On this path, candidates take one or two CGMA Professional Qualification exams.

Management Case Study

  • One exam: Management Case Study,
  • You can continue the qualification on the Strategic level (4 exams),
  • Award: CIMA Adv Dip in MA.

Management Case Study + Strategic Case Study

  • Two exams: Management Case Study and Strategic Case Study,
  • CGMA designation and CIMA Membership.

Before taking the exam, the candidates attend preparatory workshops with a tutor.

The program is offered by two accredited tuition providers.

Your journey to success

  1. Submit your detailed CV
  2. CIMA admits you into the program
  3. Attend online preparatory course
  4. Take the Management Case Study exam
  5. Award: CIMA Adv Dip MA title

How to apply?

To apply for this program or find out your eligibility please fill out the below contact form.

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