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UK University Partnerships

Give yourself a head start

The job market is getting more competitive. There are more candidates per opening – with very little setting them apart. Starting your engagement with the CIMA qualification, while you’re still at university, sets you apart by miles compared to any other students. Here is how:

Impress employers

Registering as a CIMA student before gaining employment shows dedication and commitment, and boosts your CV.

Earn those extra letters, sooner

Start early on your CIMA journey to getting those highly respected letters after your name that employers look for.

Save money

Save big with the partnership between CIMA and your university. The normal cost of CIMA registration is £77, with subscriptions being £110 per year thereafter.

Get a jumpstart with CIMA MyJobs

Register your CV for free and stand in front of the line for entry level roles with reputed employers like American Express, Deloitte, Kellogg’s, PwC, Tesco, Sony and more.  CIMAs accredited partner scheme guarantees approved CIMA training with hundreds of potential employers.

CIMA incorporated degree programmes

This scheme lets you actively study the CIMA Qualification within your degree programme and graduate with dual awards e.g. CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting or CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

CIMA registered students programmes

Under this programme, universities will register you with CIMA as part of their degree, and will be actively engaged with us, and are committed to help boost your employability with CIMA membership.

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CIMA Grad Club

Join CIMA’s Grad Club for FREE and be the first to know about the latest graduate jobs and employer events, plus get exclusive access to industry updates, salary surveys, interview tips and more. You don’t need to be a CIMA member to join; the Grad Club is open to all UK students from any degree discipline.

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Need more information?

Whether you're a student or university looking to partner with us, feel free to send your questions to us - we'll be happy to answer them for you.

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