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Ethics resources

The right course of action isn’t always clear. That’s why we’ve created a whole range of resources which can help you to do the right thing.

  • Business ethics

    Business ethics deals with both the behaviour of individual employees as well as the way the organisation conducts itself as a whole. Access a range of resources and find out about organisations working in the field of business ethics.

    Business ethics

  • Ethics and accountancy

    Explore the reasons that ethical behaviour is so key in accountancy and find links to some key organisations working in this area.

    Ethics and accountancy

  • Ethical dilemmas

    Facing an ethical dilemma at work can be stressful! Our range of resources, including our ethics checklist, can help you to deal with dilemmas in a logical and calm manner.

    Ethical dilemmas

  • Anti-bribery guidance

    CIMA members need to be aware of anti-bribery legislation. Access the resources to make sure you’re in the know.

    Anti-bribery guidance

  • Technology

    New technology brings with it new ethical challenges. Get up to speed with our thought leadership and other resources on the ethics of new tech.


  • Speaking up

    Speaking up, or whistleblowing, can be a daunting prospect. Our range of resources can demystify the process.

    Speaking up

  • Fraud and corruption

    Management accountants play a key role in fighting fraud and corruption.

    Fraud and corruption

  • Member CPD tool

    This interactive tool guides you through a series of scenarios, where you must decide what steps you would take while considering your ethical commitment as a professional qualified management accountant.

    Member CPD tool

  • Student tool

    Use this tool to expand your knowledge of the CIMA Code of Ethics. The tool also refers you to other sources of information on the CIMA website and elsewhere, to deepen your learning and understanding.

    Student tool

  • Responsible business

    Responsible business is about businesses taking responsibility for their actions and impact on society and the environment. Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and CIMA's commitment to the United Nations Global Compact.

    Responsible business