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Speaking Up

You might find yourself in a scenario where you decide to speak up or whistleblow. You don’t have to do it alone - learn where you can find support.

Sometimes you might see something or become aware of behaviour which concerns you and you might decide to raise your concerns. This might be informing your line manager, using an internal speak up process, or whistleblowing to an external body. Deciding to speak up or whistleblow can be stressful. These resources can help you through the process.

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External resources

IBE Speak Up Toolkit

The Institute of Business Ethics’ Speak Up Toolkit is an invaluable tool which is designed to support you through the process of speaking up. Whether you’re just starting to consider taking action, or you’re well through the process, view the toolkit to find useful resources and guidance on a range of questions you might have.

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Protect: whistleblowing guidance (UK)

UK charity Protect offer free expert advice via phone, email or letter on speaking up or whistleblowing. The earlier in the process you contact them, the more helpful it can be. 

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International whistleblowing NGOs

Find information about NGOs working on whistleblowing around the world.

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