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Certificates in Islamic finance

CIMA's Islamic finance qualifications structure reflects the evolving requirements in business. Comprising of the Certificates in Islamic finance and the Diploma in Islamic finance. Whether you are completely new to this area of finance or have prior experience, uncover all the possibilities with our suite of Islamic finance qualifications.

Who are the certificates for?

These qualifications will be valuable for newcomers and professionals operating in a range of industries. There is no entry criteria for these certificates.

They are designed to give two significant market advantages:

  • the professional recognition of a CIMA international qualification
  • demonstrable expertise in the complex, fast growing world of Islamic finance.

What you’ll gain

The individual certificates will give you skills in Shari'ah compliance and the complexities of the contracts that underpin this compliance.

You will also develop confidence in the use of the contracts that underpin Islamic finance, and the terminology that sets Islamic finance apart from conventional finance.

Course modules and study method

The CIMA certificates in Islamic finance are self study, distance learning qualifications that allow you to progress at your own pace. 

There are four certificates to choose from:

Certificate in Islamic commercial law Buy now
Certificate in banking and takaful Buy now
Certificate in Islamic capital markets and Instruments Buy now
Certificate in accounting for Islamic financial Institutions Buy now

Each has a detailed online study guide which includes all the support you need to complete the final assessments. 

Each certificate offers:

  • a comprehensive syllabus
  • step-by-step subject coverage directly linked to specific learning outcomes
  • fusion between theory and practice
  • chapter summaries
  • a glossary of Islamic finance terms
  • extensive question practice
  • revision sections for each chapter
  • the possibility of completing all four assessments in two to six months, depending on your prior knowledge and experience.

Final assessments

You must pass the final online assessment to gain each of the four certificates. Each assessment has 40 multiple choice questions that you must complete within 60 minutes. The pass mark for each certificate is 60%.

The assessments can be taken anytime, at home, work or a location of your choosing.