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Glossary of Islamic finance terms and contracts

See the glossary for explanations of key terms and contracts in Islamic finance, with alternate spellings where applicable.

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A-Z online glossary

Download the glossary (PDF 1MB)

Islamic finance guides

Please see our Introductory guide to Islamic financefull Islamic finance qualifications suite brochure (PDF 2MB) 

Islamic finance reading material

Recommended reading

Read suggested resources (PDF 102KB) from CIMA that assist students in learning and preparation for the CIMA Diploma in Islamic finance.

The future of finance

The tipping balance of the global economy and the search for new sources of liquidity are driving the growth of Islamic finance.

With the size and number of transactions in Muslim countries growing, and global deals done every day, International Institute of Islamic Finance’s CEO Dr Mohd Daud Bakar tells Jim Banks that it is only a matter of time before it becomes a prominent, global financial system. Read the full article (PDF 738KB). 

Islamic finance could provide much-needed stability in the banking sector

David Testa, CEO of Islamic finance group Gatehouse Bank, explains to Nigel Ash the opportunities that Shari’ah law can offer to corporate finance and how it can help leaders cope in a recession. Read the full article (PDF 137KB).

Islamic finance is coining it - South Africa Sunday Times

Read the full article (PDF 131KB) by Dr Mohd Daud Bakar, which appeared in the South Africa Sunday Times on 17 January 2010.

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