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Jun 2010

Apocalyptic demography: putting longevity in perspective

Finance directors face real challenges in assisting boards to manage risks arising from defined benefit pension schemes. CIMA has examined longevity and corporate risk in detail in the following report.

Life expectancy differs from person to person, population to population and pension scheme to pension scheme.  Age is its dominant determinant, but life expectancy is influenced by other factors including gender, geographical location, social class, pension site and occupation. In order to understand the effects that these factors have on your scheme members' mortality, we look at issues that shape the current life expectancy of your members, and then separately, the trends in the rate of improvement in life expectancy.

"…if the life expectancy for a male currently aged 60 is understated by two years…this could understate the value of his pension by around 5%"

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Apocalyptic demography: putting longevity in perspective