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Apr 2015

Branded-business valuations: Global Intangible Finance Tracker 2015

In recent years there has been considerable focus by UK government on tackling the budget deficit. While critical, it will not drive future prosperity. And cannot be the sole focus if the UK is to thrive in the long term.

This major new report by Brand Finance and CIMA, 'The Brand Finance GIFT™ 2015, reinforces the importance of intangibles – reputation, brands, intellectual property – and challenges those leading the debate on our national economic policy.

Understanding where value lies within business is critical to making good decisions. Only once this is achieved can good decisions be made and any opportunities or risks that exist when it comes to generating growth be discovered. The focus on intangibles has always been important, but never more important than it is today.

Charles Tilley chief executive, CIMA

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Branded-business valuations: Global Intangible Finance Tracker 2015