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Nov 2010

2010 lectures: Creating sustainable values

On 17 November 2010, CIMA and Tomorrow's Company hosted a lunchtime reception at the House of Lords which explored the theme 'Tomorrow's Value'.

A panel of experts considered how a fundamental assumption to the way we run the economy is that we know what value is, and that the value of goods and services is reflected by prices set through the market. However if these assumptions do not hold true, can we be confident that the recovery will last, and that business will be a force for good, contributing fully to the sustainability of people and planet?

The keynote speaker was Anant Nadkarni, vice president of the Tata council for community initiatives, based in Mumbai, India. Anant has played a pivotal role in Tata's journey in corporate sustainability. Tata, owners of Jaguar Land Rover, is one of the world’s most exciting companies and is spearheading India’s leap into becoming one of the world’s major economic powers.

Also speaking at the event were David Phillips, senior corporate reporting partner at PWC – one of the most respected individual contributors to thinking about the future of accounting – and CIMA CEO Charles Tilley, who is on the supervisory board of the Accounting for Sustainability project and is also chair of IFAC’s research project into sustainable reporting practices of its member bodies and associates.