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Dec 2009

Management accountants: a profession dramatically changed

This research presents the experiences of a limited number of companies, reported to us, by the participants in ERP systems implementation and operation. Some of the companies had successfully implemented their ERP systems a few years ago, while others were still trying to obtain significant value from their ERP system.

While the number of participating firms is small, they are from a wide variety of industries and share commonalities with almost any firm. We believe that anyone thinking of implementing (or re-implementing) an ERP system should consider the findings reported in this research, as it suggests that management accountants need to be engaged from the outset in ERP implementations.

There is a danger when you have a new system that there is so much information – management accountants need the analysis ability but, together with that, they need the decision making ability to decide what is important and what isn’t important…. they have to be able to prioritise what is the stuff we really need to look at and what we don’t need to look at.

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Management accountants: a profession dramatically changed