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Jun 2016

Management control systems in public networks

Public collaborative networks have been used across Europe to deal with challenges in public service delivery. However, running inter-organisational structures requires suitable management accounting and control systems.

There are packages of mechanisms that help these networks build and maintain collaborative relationships between partners, enabling them to achieve shared goals. This research is based on a qualitative case study of two public collaborative networks operating at the local level to protect individuals against violence in Italy and the UK.

The findings highlight the role of packages of control mechanisms in building collaboration in networks and supporting the achievement of goals.

Finance professionals are using better information to refine costing processes and provide insights that can add value at the front line of the health service.

CIMA has produced this report considering the interrelated initiatives of service line reporting (SLR), service line management (SLM) and the use of patient-level information and costing systems (PLICS).

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Management control systems in public networks

The more stable you are, as a senior management group, (…) the more able you are to influence better outcomes for children; the more chaotic and the more change there’s been at a senior management level and the leadership is kind of more changeable then the more likely is that you have poorer outcomes, or a poorer Ofsted rating.

UK Assistant Director of Children Services