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Academic research

CIMA's research programme is designed to promote and develop the science of management accountancy as stipulated in our Royal charter. Our research strategy is to encourage academic and practitioner researchers to explore issues of interest to CIMA members and so build a bridge between management accounting research and practice. The following two broad areas are currently of interest to us - (1) The impact of new technologies and business trends on the finance function and on management accounting practice . (2) How environmental issues may reshape finance and management accounting practice. We also sponsor conferences around the world as a way to engage with the leading academics and support the research being done in management accounting.

Academic Grant Programme

Every year, CIMA offers academics and practitioners grants to undertake groundbreaking management accounting research through our programme of ad-hoc, seedcorn and topic specific funding initiatives.  

 Information on grants we will be offering in 2023 will be made available in April


Find out more about these initiatives and information about CIMA's academic grant programme.

Academic Research Reports

See the reports from commissioned academic projects.

Read our latest academic reports

Research Conferences and Events

Every year, CIMA sponsors conferences around the world as a way to engage with the leading academics and support the research being done in management accounting.

The deadline for applying for sponsorship for conferences taking place  in 2019 is 30 September 2018.

Find out more about applying for funding

Centres of Excellence

CIMA’s research and development department is piloting two new research centres to advance the global impact of management accounting research.

Find out about the centres of excellence

Research Advisers

The CIMA academic research programme draws on the advice and assistance of two virtual advisory groups - the Research Board and Research Advisory Panel - and the CIMA Professor. The Research Board is a virtual advisory group, acting as an academic filter for all CIMA commissioned research projects. Board members assess all academic outputs for academic quality, rigour, relevance and value to developing the science of management accounting. The Research Advisory Panel is a virtual group of practitioners which operates alongside the research board and evaluates research project outputs for business and CIMA relevance. The current CIMA Professor, Wim van der Stede, helps raise CIMA's profile in the academic community and develop world class management accountancy research and intellectual capital.

See more about CIMA's academic research advisers

CGMA Academic Partners

We are working with universities around the world to help drive the future of the CGMA designation. By providing resources for accounting and finance faculty globally we will foster innovative business and academic-valued solutions through consultation, partnerships, best practices, policies and training. Faculty will be equipped with the information necessary to raise awareness of CGMA to their students.

Academic partners receive key resources to aide in counselling students about careers in management accounting. These resources include:

  • Business games
  • Regular CGMA updates
  • Career awareness materials

Academic partners also may receive the below resources and services to increase their understanding of the CGMA designation:

  • Global current events – put into perspective for academics to use in the classroom.
  • Thought leadership – our latest releases made relevant for academics.
  • Expedited pathway – an option for academics to become CGMAs.
  • Webinars – developed for academics to learn best practices, such as how to teach CGMA mini cases.


Below is a list of the resources currently available to our academic partners.

Awareness materials

Business Games

Contact Us

Email our CGMA academic partner team at

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