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Centres of Excellence

CIMA’s research and development department has established three new research centres in Southeast Asia, Australasia and South Africa to advance the global impact on management accounting research.


The centres of excellence (COEs) aim to collaborate with universities, the public sector and key industry players in their regions to ensure that country specific research papers and local case study material is relevant to their markets. They will position CIMA members as experts in their field, both regionally and globally, engaging with innovative research in the different regions around the world.


Outputs include research reports and cutting edge tools and techniques that will address issues raised by the industry. These solutions will be vital in guiding critical business decisions and driving strong performance in financial and operational reality.

The research, led by CIMA, will help develop the CIMA brand within the accounting field in these regions as well as increase awareness of the benefits of using management accounting tools and concepts to gain competitive edge. It will also provide CIMA with a better understanding of employers’ needs in these regions and help to develop a truly global, industry-relevant syllabus and CPD resources appropriate for these regions.

How do the COEs work?

The COEs have adopted the same strategy as CIMA’s research and development department and will strive to ensure the same level of high calibre, industry and member relevant research that CIMA already produces.

One of the roles of the COEs is to issue calls for research grant applications. These initiatives will only be available to locally based academics or practitioners. Agreed research outputs will be published on

Information on any new initiatives will be publicised on the main academic research webpage and the COE pages.

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