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CIMA Sponsored Conferences

Every year, CIMA's General Charitable Trust sponsors conferences around the world as a way to engage with the leading academics and support the research being done in management accounting. We encourage practitioners to attend these conferences as they offer new perspectives on management accounting.

Conference sponsorship

CIMA is committed to supporting  management accounting relevant conferences and workshops around the world. We will not be holding an open call for applications in 2023 but will instead be sending out invitations to apply later this year for those events we have previously supported. However if you are planning to hold a new conference or workshop that will contribute to advancing management accounting theory and practice in 2023  please email us at by 31 December providing the following details –  

  • Name of conference
  • Date
  • Whether it will be an in person or online event (please provide geographic location if appropriate)
  • Likely topic or theme
  • Target audience
  • Advantages to CIMA from sponsorship. (if an online event please advise if there will be sponsor forums, break-out rooms for networking)