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Nov 2017

The accountability and management control of CSR foundations (CSRFs) in Mauritius

In spite of their relative size and financial clout worldwide, very little is known about the modes of operation, monitoring and accountability of corporate foundations (CFs) in developed or developing countries. In Mauritius these are known as CSR Foundations (CSRFs).

We investigated:

  • the process by which Corporate Social Responsibility Foundations (CSRFs) allocate funds to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and their own projects;
  • the rationales and metrics used by CSRFs to appraise and monitor projects;
  • and the internal and external accountability mechanisms of CSRFs.

Our recommendations focus on the need (i) for greater stakeholder consultations which will go a long way towards restoring public confidence as to the sustainability and effectiveness of a legally-imposed and state-regulated CSR system, (ii) to foster the use of management control, accountability and governance mechanisms in CSRFs to ensure there is an appropriate assessment of funded activities.

The removal of CSR guidelines in 2015 has provided greater flexibility but also greater autonomy to CSRFs in their funding allocation process. However, since the CSR levy reportedly generates funds well in excess of MUR2. 300m annually, we believe that it is crucial to gauge not only the manner in which these funds are allocated, but also the monitoring and accountability system imposed thereafter.

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The accountability and management control of CSR foundations (CSRFs) in Mauritius