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Jun 2016

Using analytics to reduce days sales outstanding

This paper, produced by Infosys in association with CIMA, alerts finance professionals to new ways of using data to improve cash flow and ensure the value of the organisation is maintained.

There is untapped potential in the enterprise data captured in business, particularly in relation to the management of accounts receivable. While there is excitement about the potential of utilising new forms of data, finance professionals should take advantage of the data readily available to their business to improve the analysis and management of accounts receivable.

Business analytics can add much value in terms of improving cash flow, reducing delinquencies and mitigating losses. Understanding how to apply an analytics framework to business processes can move data from being informative into actionable insights.

'From insight to impact - unlocking opportunities in big data' investigates how leading finance professionals are using data to drive commercial impact.

'From insight to impact: in numbers' an infographic outlining research of over 2,000 finance professionals.

'From insight to impact - jargon buster' the major terms and concepts in big data explained.

'Five ways to become more data-centric' an article from CGMA Magazine on the key findings of the 'From insight to impact' report.

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Using analytics to reduce days sales outstanding

The risk landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. Being able to identify and ‘manage’ all the risks to an organisation is no longer possible.