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May 2016

Valuing your talent

Better people measures, better decisions, better business.

Valuing your Talent is a collaborative, industry-led movement to build a greater understanding and appreciation of how people create and drive value in business.

We want to encourage employers to invest more strategically in their people, investors to recognise human capital as a fundamental element of business strategy, and employees to benefit from better opportunities and greater fulfilment at work.

Above all, we are seeking a fundamental shift in the mind-set of businesses and investors alike, driving a shared interest in transforming how we value our people.

Research and insight into managing the value of your talent, investing for sustainable growth and reporting human capital.

A selection of external articles and commentaries covering a range of topics including workforce activities and business performance.

The partner CEOs discuss the opportunities, benefits and business insights that people measures can offer

Resources for all business types, including guidance on reporting and improving data and analytics capabilities

Case studies from a range of organisations and sectors, including Unilever, Halfords and London Councils

The framework provides a basis for conversation between all parts of the business to understand how best to ‘join the dots’ and unlock the value of their people

Resources to improve business insight, including creating value in your business models and making better investment decisions

CGMA Resources

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All people have a role to play in contributing to the success of their organisations, whatever their size or sector.

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