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Mar 2012

Words in action - cast and crew

'Words in Action' is based on real events and experiences of screenwriter/fraud investigator and CIMA trainer, Nigel Krishna Iyer. The film is directed by acclaimed director Daz Spencer-Lovesey and has a professional cast and crew.

Other significant people involved with the film include:

Script consultant: Andrew Jones (environmental expert / CIMA trainer and lecturer)
Producer: Veronica Morino (fraud investigator and co-author of 'The anatomy of fraud and corruption')
Executive producer: Eileen Roddy
Editors: Daz Spencer-Lovesey/ Richard Minogue (co-author of the 'The anatomy of fraud and corruption')
Cast: Simon Lee Philips (James), Simon Cole (Tony), Roanna Cochrane (Cassie) Alton Letto (Anil), Amelia Donkor (Tallulah), Jamie Newall (Cameron) Chris Waterworth (Paul)
Other key contributors:  Sandra Rapacioli, Anil Iyer and Ziad Semaan

'Words in Action' is supported by Gower Film, Sterling Power Training and the Septia Academy and is due for release on DVD in early 2012, together with a teaching pack.