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Join the Class of '22

A unique opportunity to kick start your CIMA studies

Introducing a free and highly interactive 12-week programme of learning support for any student at the Operational, Management or Strategic levels. It’s ideal for anyone studying, or planning to study for, Objective Test exams between September and November 2022. 

What’s in it for me?

Join an award-winning programme and, in return for your commitment, you will receive a timetable of support as outlined below. If followed, it will improve your chances of success in your chosen exam/s.

The programme contains more than 60 hours of support material, including: 

  • Study calendar ― A step-by-step weekly guide with downloadable learning resources to maximise your chances of exam success.
  • Recorded webcasts and articles, focussing on study techniques, time management and exam skills.
  • Recordings of tricky topic tutorials presented by our CIMA tuition provider experts.
  • A dedicated Facebook group providing an opportunity to network with your peers and interact with CIMA staff.
  • An exclusive free exam resit offer (subject to meeting T’s and C’s).
  • Certificate of completion ― Class of ’22.

What we need from you:

Motivate yourself by booking your exam early in the support programme. Commit yourself to sticking to that exam date and plan backwards from it. Follow the study support programme and guidance in our weekly emails either in full, or by selecting relevant resources as and when you need them. Note that the more you participate in the programme, the greater your chances of exam success.

How does the programme work?

This programme is designed to complement tuition, self-study or revision. It does not replace study of the technical knowledge (syllabus content) needed to pass CIMA exams. It does include support material that will allow you to take ownership of your learning and exam preparation. With advice on time planning, and insight from the CIMA markers, examiners and exam top performers, it will also ensure you’re aware of all the exam requirements.

Is this the programme for you?

This free-of-charge programme is for you if you:

  • Need step-by-step guidance and additional learning support.
  • Want to get back on track with your studies and know where to start.
  • Have challenges around procrastination and time management.
Value peer-to-peer support and networking opportunities. 

What is the process going forward?

  • Register with the programme before the deadline date of 31 August.
  • Complete a short survey for us to better understand your support requirements.
  • Join the Class of ’22 Facebook group.
  • Watch the recorded onboarding webcast by 9 September.
  • Kick-start your learning journey. Follow the step-by-step guide in the study calendar.
  • Schedule your next exam between 12 September and 31 October.
  • Sit your exam between 19 September and 30 November.
  • Watch the recorded weekly webcasts.
  • Use resit credit by 31 January 2023.
  • Receive a certificate of completion in February 2023.

Please review the detailed FAQs.

Terms and conditions

  1. CIMA students at Operational, Management or Strategic Level who do not have outstanding debt (including 2022 subscription fee) are eligible for this programme.
  2. Students should schedule their Objective Test (OT) exams between 12 September and 30 November (extended from 31 October). Exams should be taken between 12 September and 31 December (extended from 31 October).
  3. Students may reschedule their OT exam/s but any rescheduled exams must be sat by 31 December (extended from 30 November).
  4. If unsuccessful in their exam whilst participating in the Class of ’22, students will be awarded one free exam resit. As per these Terms and Conditions, exams must have been scheduled between 12 September and 31 December and taken between 12 September and 31 December (extended from 30 November). The final date for using the exam resit credit is 31 January 2023. Each student will be notified by email within 10 working days of their confirmed exam failure that a credit has been added to their MYCIMA account. A free resit credit will be invalid if a student books an exam prior to receiving email confirmation of the free resit credit.
  5. Only one free exam resit per student will be available during the programme. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt/s, one credit will be awarded for the first unsuccessful attempt only. If a student sits and fails more than one exam during the course of Class of ‘22, they will only be eligible for one free resit and that can only be used for the first subject failed. If a student sat and was unsuccessful in P2 and later F2, the resit would be awarded for P2 only. The exam credit is not transferrable between subjects.
  6. Students who are unsuccessful should wait to receive the email confirming their credit before scheduling their resit exam. The exam credit will be lost if the resit exam is scheduled before it has been applied to your My CIMA account. This offer is valid for Test centre and CIMA online exams.
  7. A certificate of completion will be awarded after the completion of the programme, subject to sitting an exam on or before 31 December.
  8. Students must have attempted, but do not need to pass, their exam to be awarded a certificate of completion.
  9. Certificates of completion will be made available February 2023.