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Why Teach CIMA

Benefit from a great relationship with CIMA

Working with CIMA as a member of the Registered Tuition Provider Scheme is the best way to attract, prepare and progress your students, ensuring that those who join your courses stay with you for their next set of examinations. Through our marketing and messaging, we show students that their best chance of passing the examinations and progressing quickly through their careers is to study with a Registered Tuition Provider. In addition, we provide you with the support and resources to deliver successful courses for the Certificate in Business Accounting  and CIMA's CGMA Professional Qualification. What’s more, you will be able to promote your relationship with the CIMA Brand, which features in the top 100 brands in the UK.

Benefits of joining the Registration scheme

The AICPA & CIMA Registered Tuition Provider Scheme is simple to join and offers access to a range of really valuable benefits. These are benefits which our research over many years of working collaboratively with tutors, has told us they want.

Benefits of membership of AICPA & CIMA's Registered Tuition Provider Scheme


The AICPA & CIMA Registered Tuition Provider certificate, logo and listing on the CIMAGLOBAL website will all testify to your working relationship with CIMA, helping students to find your courses and have confidence in them. Please note logos and certificates must be displayed in acordance with  AICPA & CIMA Brand Guidelines

Sales support including key messages and quotes from leading employers demonstrating why students and employers should choose CIMA will help you have productive conversations with prospective students and employer sponsors.

Keeping You Up To Date

With a regular comms feed which includes 4 issues per annum of the e-newsletter CIMA Insider News, you will always be up to date with the latest news and developments from the Association. Insider News has dedicated regional content too, keeping you informed about local events and opportunities to work with us.  

Keeping You Ahead Of The Game

We will send new syllabus support materials and guidance, straight to your inbox, before students or non-registered providers can access them. You will also receive advance tutor-only copies of the case study pre-seen materials, an essential tool in your exam preparation toolkit.  You’ll also receive early notifications about exam policy changes, transition arrangements, current exam timetable information etc., all keeping you one step ahead.

Local Support And Market Personalisation

With day to day management provided by local staff who understand the market you operate in as well as any recruitment/retention/academic issues you face, support will be geared towards your needs. Your copy of Insider News will also contain customized content applicable to your region.

Insights And Opportunities For Feedback

As the scheme develops and attracts more members, we will begin to build up insights into what works (and what doesn’t) with different groups of students and in different markets. We aim to share these insights and knowledge with members of the Registered Tuition Provider Scheme. We may also offer opportunities to feed into new developments such as syllabus reviews and will be offering an annual survey which will allow you to tell us what you think of our scheme, our support and what you’d like to see more/less of in the future.

“As a long-standing CIMA tuition partner, we benefit from a close relationship with key staff at CIMA, assisting us in various aspects of our business. Our ongoing relationship enhances our product knowledge and market insights, it boosts our student recruitment and enables us to provide tuition of the highest quality”.

IBTC South Africa

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